Urinetown Blog – Week 12

  Alright folks, line up and have your money ready! You know the drill. What? What’s that you say? Ya ain’t gonna pay? Ha! I’m tellin’ ya you’ve got to come see this incredible show and ya ARE gonna pay. No-one gets in for free. It would be dreamy if ya could, but that’s not […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 11

Dear Reader Welcome back to Urinetown!:) My name is Bernadett, a newbie at Saint Monica’s Players and I am presenting the weekly blog for last week. In the past 11 weeks I had the pleasure of working with very talented and enthusiastic people. SMP is a great community and a truly welcoming one. We have […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 10

  Hi there, Urinetown welcomes you… but be careful, be very careful for you never know what awaits you just around the corner… It definitely won’t be a random bloke peeing on the pavement – I can tell you that much – that sort of behaviour does not bode well in Urinetown! My name is […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 9

Well hello there, everyone, and welcome to this week’s blog. My name is Ellie and I’ll be guiding you through what we’ve been up to this week during rehearsals for our production of ‘Urinetown’. This is my third show with SMP and I’m lucky enough to be playing the part of Hope Cladwell. Urinetown is […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 8

Well, hello there and welcome to Urinetown! It might not look like much but it’s home-Well for two evenings a week anyway! This week, the blog mantle has been passed on to me- Joe Krajewski. I play the character of Bobby Strong. It’s a great role to play and like many characters in the show, […]

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Lloyd Webber to work with SMP!

SMP are thrilled that after much negotiation we are able to announce the Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber will be writing a brand new original song for our 2017 pantomime ‘Frosted’. Sir Andrew is delighted to be working with SMP and with the show’s writer Warren McWilliams. Sir Andrew had been looking for a way into […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 7

Here is this weeks blog written by “Little Becky Two Shoes” Fay Kemal.  Urinetown rehearsals are fun filled all singing all dancing evenings with lots of high energy performances.  I’m so excited to have my first all singing, dancing, acting part in an SMP show!!! I can normally be found on the other side of […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 6

This week’s blog is brought to you by me ‘Bagsy Barbara’, better known as Kathryn to anyone who knows me! Rehearsing for Urinetown has definitely been a welcome break a few evenings a week from marking and planning! Although now I have this stress of writing a blog when all I can think about is […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 5

Hello and welcome to this weeks blog! My name is Phil and I am playing the part of Mr McQueen (Mr Cladwell’s assistant, a sneaky man who will do anything to save his own skin). This week we seemed to fit in a lot. On Monday Jo (our fantastic choreographer) set the dance for ‘Run […]

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Career Day at the WFFOT2016

This year SMP return to the Waltham Forest Festival of Theatre. We are back with “Career Day”, another brilliant script by last years “Original Writing” award winner Mr Paul Levy. Congratulations to Paul who has won further awards since and even had his script published! #awesome Direction & Production this year are by our very own […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 4

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s blog for our upcoming show Urinetown. I’m Debbie and I play the character of Daisy Doodle, one half of a menacing duo… Want to know what I’m talking about? Get yourselves down to The Millfield Theatre! This week we sang our little hearts out and strutted our stuff […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 3

This weeks blog comes from one of our new members, François. Who, as the name suggests has joined us all the way from France. Take it away François; Urineville, c’est parti! This is not a surprise but I am so utterly excited to have been given the opportunity to play two parts in the show. First […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 2

Well hello there, and welcome to Urinetown! Not the musical (just yet) but the blog… Well this week brought us the first two rehearsals for this magnificent show. I’m so so excited to have been given the part of Officer Lockstock. He is a character unlike any other I can think of in musical theatre […]

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WFFoT 2016 Line Up Announced

The Waltham Forest Festival of Theatre line up for 2016 has been announced. This year our entry ‘Career Day’ written by Paul Levy opens the Thursday evening of plays. Career Day tells the story of  four North London boys sharing their future ambitions with each other as they await guidance from the school’s careers counselor. […]

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Hail Malthus!

Thomas Robert Malthus From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Born, 13 February 1766, Westcott, Surrey, Great Britain Died, 29 December 1834 (aged 68), Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom The Rev. Thomas Robert Malthus was an English cleric and scholar, influential in the fields of political economy and demography. Malthus himself used only his middle name Robert. His An Essay on the Principle of Population observed that sooner or later population will […]

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