The Pirate Blog – Opening Night!

Woof! I’m the pooch protecting my dear Patti (played by Carla Segel) and her presbyterian sisters from these pirate ruffians in SMP’s ‘Pirates of Penzance’. The pirate scoundrels have hounded us all week and last night, our opening night was no exception! There were a lot more pirates than usual yesterday, they were sitting in […]

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Pirate Blog – Tech and Dress run.

Well shiver me timbers, it’s that time again! Welcome back to another instalment of SMP’s ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ Blog! I’m Michael and I play the peculiarly looking ‘Rowan the Misplaced’ now I say ‘peculiar’ because you’ll spot him in his wonderfully fabulous ‘Green crushed velvet cape, obscenely floppy hat and looking rather like an […]

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Pirate Blog – Get in day

Today my hair is standing on end with excitement as we enter the theatre ready to start performing ‘The Pirates of Penzance’! I’m playing Isabel, the young and giggly daughter of the Modern Major General. Our dear father is not only modern, he is also comical and satirical, so be prepared to join me with […]

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The Pirate Blog – Final week of rehearsals.

Ahoy there, me hearties, and welcome to this week’s piratey blog! My name’s Ellie and I play one of General Stanley’s beautiful, Presbyterian daughters named Kate the – ahem – ‘Eager’. She knows that pirates are no match for upstanding young ladies but can’t strictly be said to discourage their advances. It’s hard to believe […]

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Pirate Blog – Week 14

Ahoy mateys, Jack here to take you through this weeks on goings aboard the SMP pirate ship. We had three rehearsals this week. Monday saw us using the intimate theatre to run through act 1 in all its glory. It allowed us the time and space necessary to really tweak and fix certain bits, both […]

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Pirate Blog – Week 13

Percy the Wuss here, aka Andrew Jordan giving you the next installment of the Pirates of Penzance blog. As the show week is fast approaching we’ve now entered our busy rehearsal schedule with Monday, Wednesday AND now Sunday rehearsals. It’s all about the tidy up now; we have gone through everything and now it’s time […]

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Pirate Blog – Week 12

Dearest and loveliest followers of the SMP Pirates of Penzance Show blog, welcome to our humble yet impeccable account of the labour of piecing together this most wonderful of Gilbert & Sullivan Shows, our show, The Pirates of Penzance! I must say I am surprised by the choice of name for this marvellous show. I […]

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Pirate Blog – Week 11

  Hello, this is Rupert the partial, in the real world Carl. Well last week’s rehearsals were full of ballet and chasing. When I heard about the ballet scene, I thought, being one of the male cast, I’d have the night off. I was wrong! This is the Pirate’s and Police ballet part of the […]

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Pirate Blog – Week 10

Greetings, Dear Reader, Welcome to The Pirates of Penzance! My name is Bernadett and I am delighted to be guiding you through this week’s blog. The Pirates of Penzance – or The Slave of Duty – is a show of brilliant humour and amazing music. I first saw the show about a year ago, and […]

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Pirate Blog – Week 9

Hello and welcome to my second installment of the Pirate blog. We’re roughly half way through the rehearsal schedule and I have to say I’m really pleased with how everything is going. Thanks to the hard work of the cast and the team we’re still on schedule and although we’ve been moving at a rapid […]

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everyone is stupid

SMP Ravaged by Pirate Fever!

  In a sad development. After 59 years SMP is set to close later this year after its members have developed a bad case of ‘Pirate Frenzy’, a major modern general condition that doctors have described as a terribly awful case of a seriously made up disease. The frenzy, thought to be the rather ostentatious […]

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Pirates Blog – Week 7

  Greetings dear readers of the Pirates Blog! My name is David Bowman and there are those that call me the Very Model of a Modern Major General! Usually at rehearsals, and when the script dictates, for that is the part I am to portray, and dare I say, to embody in our little show. […]

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