Urinetown Blog – The PSB. (Post Show Blues)

Unbelievably it is already a week since the last performance of Urinetown! It has gone by in a complete blur, mainly due to sheer exhaustion – but also because when you have worked for months on a show and had the adrenaline fuelled highs of an epic show week, the days that follow are always […]

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Urinetown Blog – Show Week

  WHAAT! Urinetown the musical’s has ended and if you didn’t manage to get a ticket you missed out on a whopper of a show! Show week has been a crazy ride of adrenalin and backstage antics as show weeks always are, but this show is big and when I say big I mean BIG. […]

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Urinetown Blog – Opening Night!

Opening Night from Maisy Doodle, one of Urinetown’s ‘Urchin twins’. Last night, SMP’s Urinetown (the musical!) flooded onto the stage at the Millfield theatre with more energy than you could shake a mop at! Our audience were absolutely brilliant & incredibly forgiving of our ‘interactions’ with them; when finding characters asleep in their seat, being […]

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Urinetown Blog – Tech and Dress Run

Hey y’all and welcome to the blog of Urinetown’s resident waitress – Kandi Kane. But you can all call me Lucy for short 😉 This week in Urinetown we had our Technical Rehearsal (on Monday evening) followed swiftly by our dress rehearsal (on Tuesday evening). These both went relatively pain-free and rather smoothly. This can […]

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Urinetown Blog – The Get In

Hello and welcome to URINETOWN.. Not the place of course, but the blog. My name is Michael and I have been handed the blogging baton from our smallest and most divaish cast member Archie the bunny. Yesterday saw the beginning of ‘Show Week’ starting off with our company and crew ‘Get In’ – This day […]

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1. Everyone with Bunny

Urinetown Blog – Week 18, last week of rehearsals!

Why, hello there. My name’s Archie and I play the role of Little Sally’s Bunny in Urinetown. It’s a role that I’m relishing since he is a very different rabbit to me, which is really pushing me out of my comfort zone. It’s a non-speaking part, however it is very challenging as I’m needing to emote my rabbitness via non-verbal […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 17

So Urinetown The Musical! It’s a terrible name! But then what’s in a name??… I remember Urine Town coming to the West End 2 years ago and immediately being put off by the name. So I didn’t go to see it. BIG MISTAKE! And boy do I regret it now. It’s a little gem of […]

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Title grab

Our Urinetown Promo

Here’s our promo video for our production of Urinetown – The Musical Find out what our cast and director think of the show and why you should come and see it. You can book your tickets at www.millfieldtheatre.co.uk Big thanks go to Ben Hewis for doing the video for us! Here’s the cast looking their […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 16

Hello all fellow Urinetown blog readers! If you came looking for a quick summary of the on-goings of this week’s Urinetown rehearsals, and a few pee jokes, well, urine luck. My name is Jack McGinn (Billy boy Bill and Mr Xerox) and this is my first SMPee show. I have helped out backstage and front […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 15

Hello there! Welcome to this week’s Urinetown blog. My name’s Kathryn W and I play Miranda Mire, an ensemble member and an ex-librarian who prefers the company of books to people. I’m also sort of a newbie at SMP. I helped out with props backstage two years ago during their production of West Side Story, […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 14

Hi, I’m Mike Benyon and I’m musical director for Urinetown. I’ve been with SMP since joining as a keyboard player for our 1993 production of Alice in Wonderland. I’ve musically directed countless musicals, pantomimes, cabarets and talent shows and have even trodden the boards for a few, while my biggest challenge was taking on the […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 13

Hi all, How time flies when you’re having fun! I’m Tina, also known as the Cake Angel or the Queen of Cakes, I’m new to SMP and this week is my turn for the Urinetown blog!! I can’t believe that its week 12 of rehearsals already! I’ve had the absolute pleasure and honour of meeting […]

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Our Urinetown Flashmob

We performed a flashmob of the ‘End of Act One Finale’ during the interval of DASH Productions ‘Back to the Musicals’ at the Dugdale Theatre. The number shows the point the where the people rise up under the leadership of our hero Bobby Strong and stage a revolution against the wicked Caldwell B. Cladwell and his […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 12

  Alright folks, line up and have your money ready! You know the drill. What? What’s that you say? Ya ain’t gonna pay? Ha! I’m tellin’ ya you’ve got to come see this incredible show and ya ARE gonna pay. No-one gets in for free. It would be dreamy if ya could, but that’s not […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 11

Dear Reader Welcome back to Urinetown!:) My name is Bernadett, a newbie at Saint Monica’s Players and I am presenting the weekly blog for last week. In the past 11 weeks I had the pleasure of working with very talented and enthusiastic people. SMP is a great community and a truly welcoming one. We have […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 10

  Hi there, Urinetown welcomes you… but be careful, be very careful for you never know what awaits you just around the corner… It definitely won’t be a random bloke peeing on the pavement – I can tell you that much – that sort of behaviour does not bode well in Urinetown! My name is […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 9

Well hello there, everyone, and welcome to this week’s blog. My name is Ellie and I’ll be guiding you through what we’ve been up to this week during rehearsals for our production of ‘Urinetown’. This is my third show with SMP and I’m lucky enough to be playing the part of Hope Cladwell. Urinetown is […]

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Urinetown Blog – Week 8

Well, hello there and welcome to Urinetown! It might not look like much but it’s home-Well for two evenings a week anyway! This week, the blog mantle has been passed on to me- Joe Krajewski. I play the character of Bobby Strong. It’s a great role to play and like many characters in the show, […]

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