How can I buy tickets for your productions?

To buy tickets to The Little Mermaid, please call the box office on 07708 708 062 , email tickets@smptheatre.co.uk or book online using a credit or debit card.For our 2018 summer show Spamalot, please visit the Millfield theatre website, email them (boxoffice@enfield.gov.uk) or call them on 020 8807 6680.

How do I pay for tickets?

You can currently pay by cheque, cash, direct bank transfer or credit/debit card. You can confirm which method to pay by when you make your order via phone or email.

Please send cheques to:
SMP Box Office 14 Sennen Road, Bush Hill Park Enfield, EN1 2NJ

Make them payable to St Monica’s Players and remember to include details of you order (either your seat number, from your provisional booking, or the name of the person who made the initial booking) when sending in a cheque.

Unless you pay by credit/debit card online you must send a stamped, self-addressed envlope to us with your booking.

Can I buy a ticket on the door?

Many of our shows sell out before show week, so it is a risk to do so (but it may still be possible – call or email the box office to check).

Can I choose where to sit in the auditorium?

If you book several weeks before our performance, you should be able to have some say in where you sit. Look at our seating plans and Millfield Theatre seating plans and then ask the box office when you call or email if your favoured seat is available.

Can you accommodate wheelchairs in the auditorium?

The theatres we usually performance in can often accommodate a limited number of wheelchairs for every performance. Please call our box office (0844 414 2731) to confirm availability.

When are you holding your next auditions?

We hold auditions in January or Febury for our summer show and in September for our Pantomime. The dates for our next auditions are always announced on our front page.

How do I join the group?

Coming along to our read-through is the best way to join our group. The read-through happens twice a year just before auditions – keep an eye on our front page which will contain the details for our next read-through or join our facebook group and you’ll get regular updates on auditions and other SMP events. If you have experience with lighting, sound, spot-lighting or you can play an instrument, then get in touch with us any time of the year.

I’ve not got much experience on stage, can I still join?

Everyone (member or not) must go through the same audition process to be a part of the cast. This means you have to do an audition in front of the director, musical director and choreographer and you will be awarded a part if you do a better audition than the competition. However, even if you don’t have much experience singing, acting or dancing, you still stand a good chance of joining our chorus if you have enthusiasm. SMP has taken many children and novices in the past who have improved to an outstanding level of performance over several shows.

What is the age range of your members?

Our age range has varied a lot over the years. Most of our current cast is in their 20s, but we have teens and members in their 50s too!

How much does it cost to be a part of SMP?

We don’t have an annual fee, but we do charge a show fee. If you join the cast, you must pay between £60 and £80 per show (depending on its cost). Students pay half-price for show fees.

Where and when do you rehearse?

Check this page out. We usually rehearse every Monday and Wednesday in the Southgate / Palmers Green area and as the show nears we pack in two or three Sunday rehearsals.

What do you perform?

In the last few years we have mostly performed musicals – one traditional panto just after Christmas and one spectacular summer musical. Each show is voted on at show-selection where SMP members democratically pick one of four shows. Each year we also look to put on one or more play. SMP has, however, done a wide array of shows in the past, including traditional dramas and comedies including Shakespeare and SMP-written dramas and we continue to perform the occasional drama during the summer holidays or at local drama festivals.

How long is your rehearsal period?

We usually rehearse for four months for a pantomime and five months for the summer musical.

What happens during the week of the production?

Show week is an exceptionally busy time but rewarding time. On the Sunday we have the “get-in” where we move all our costumes and props into the theatre. We run through the show on the Sunday, as well as setup the stage with the required props and scenery. On the Monday night we have a technical run-through, where the lighting and sound is adjusted while the cast runs through the show on stage. On the Tuesday night we do a dress rehearsal on stage. We typically open the show on the Wednesday night (sometimes a charity night) followed by shows happening every night up until and including the Saturday. If you’re in the cast of SMP, you can expect to be at the theatre 10am-10pm on Sunday and 7pm-11:30pm every night until the following Saturday and then all afternoon on the last Sunday (clearing out the theatre and/or performing a matinee).

How many performances are there of each production?

Between four and six.

What size theatre do you perform in?

Both the Millfield theatre, Intimate theatre and Chingford Assembly Hall, where we perform, can hold around 350 people per performance.

Why are you called Saint Monica’s Players?

Saint Monica’s Players was born 57 years ago after members of Saint Monica’s church wanted to put on dramas.