Frosted Blog – Get in and Band Call

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Helloooo Michael here and I will be playing the role of Ander’s in this year’s Panto!

Well when I say playing.. I firmly believe Anders is actually is just an extension of me… He is ‘Charming, Gorgeous and damn right Hilarious!’.. But I will let you be the judge of that!

Anyway, this weekend (Sunday) was quite possibly one of my favourite days of the whole ‘Rehearsal/Show’ process, for this day is declared ‘GET IN DAY’ Get in day literally does what it says on the tin, this is where some members of the cast and all of the crew pull together to help off load the vans which are full of the wonderful sets, lighting and some other ‘special little surprises’ our fantastic Director Luke Clow has magiked from his brain to le stage (init)

Alongside of the get in we also have ‘Band Call’ there is always an element of excitement amongst the cast on this day as ‘Band Call’ is where we (the cast) finally get to hear all of the songs we have been singing for the past few months, played out with the band.

Our wonderful ‘Master of the Keys’ Mike Benyon has again (and again and again and again and again and … well you get the point Mike has done a lot of shows as MD for SMP) done a sterling job of being our MD for the show, Oh and the rest of the band aren’t too shabby either! (Tim Hall, John Fossey, Chris (Chunk) Wall and Paul Denham)

In the evening of ‘The Get In’ we all head to the theatre to put our costumes into our dressing rooms and then…. IT IS PIZZA TIME!! The cast and crew get their munch on and fest on pizza then proceed to sit around in a food coma’s (well the cast do, but the crew continue the hard work of building the set, genuinely a massive THANK YOU to each member of the crew for their hard work and dedication put into the intense days running up to the show!)

Once the cast have emerged from their food comas, its then time for us to jump on that stage and shake, shake, shake it to the beautiful Choreography laid down by the fantabulous Mrs Fay Kemal!

And this is where I love you and leave you!, but if you want to see all of the shenanigans happening during ‘FROSTED’ this year, you’d better go get yourself on t’internet/tefalone and book your tickets as they are selling faster than you can say ‘scone’


*** Don’t miss our show, please book your tickets. Both our matinee performances are SOLD OUT and tickets for Friday eveing are limited. ***

We do have some returns for the matinee so please please ring 0844 414 2731 Or email for availability.

Thurs 19th to Sat 21st January 2017 at 7.30 p.m. & Matinee on Sat 21st & Sunday 22nd January 2017 at 2.30 p.m.

£14 Full/£11 Concessions. .

Online booking and payment for evening performances is available via our website