Frosted Blog – Week 16 (Last week of rehearsals)


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This is Duke Wesley – yes, that’s Wesley not Weasley – aka Carl; and trying not to give much of the masterfully written plot away I also play Token – dubious accent and sauna owner.

So this is our last week of rehearsals meaning that the scary and exciting ‘get in’ is soon upon us. However, we still have two rehearsals to go. Monday morning comes – and my household still has the flu. This was probably caught whilst dancing through the streets of London for the New Year’s Parade dressed as Jacob Marley; well to be precise the last five minutes of drenching rain. Me/Jacob/Duke/Token ( I forget who I am at times) has pulled through and gets to rehearsals. Sadly, the illness has hit the King slash Andy slash my boyfriend badly and he has to stay at home shivering. This was my first time in 2017 seeing my SMP family and what an uplift these beautiful people were after a week of quarantine.  Run-throughs of the whole show are the plan for both of this week’s rehearsals. Polishing lines, routines and harmonies is the order of the day. There is a refreshed vigour in the air during these rehearsals and the energy and performance levels keep on rising exponentially.  The whole cast and crew are now busting to hear the band and get in the theatre!

I am also pleased to announce that the King/Andy/my Macho man despite being a bit sniffly got to the next rehearsal and make the cravats for the male chorus and sparkly lederhosen!

*** Don’t miss our show, please book your tickets. Both our matinee performances are SOLD OUT and tickets for Friday eveing are limited. ***

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Thurs 19th to Sat 21st January 2017 at 7.30 p.m. & Matinee on Sat 21st & Sunday 22nd January 2017 at 2.30 p.m.

£14 Full/£11 Concessions. .

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