Frosted Blog – Week 3

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Hello boys and girls !!!

Its Dame Florrie here who once used to be Officer Barrel of Urinetown fame!!!Oh no it isn’t!! Oh yes it is !!! I hear you cry.

Well that is the preliminaries over and I hope that all of you out there are excited at the prospect of coming to see SMP’s wonderful panto “FROSTED” in January.

I have to confess that firstly I have never ever done a panto let alone play the part of the Dame. The thought of it makes me very nervous but am also extremely excited to be doing this with my lovely friends at SMP. Rehearsals have started at a great pace and I have enjoyed singing along to a One Direction number that due to my great age I have never ever heard of- just scream and shout the high tenor line along with Jack I say.

It seems that a wise decision has been made and I am not needed for the dance rehearsals at the moment -my two left feet are very happy about that !!! but I know it will be very soon that I see all the cast more than I do my own family which again is not a bad thing.

As a rather shy and retiring person I tend to always forget to ask my friends and family to shows that I do. It now seems that the whole of my address book will be coming along to cheer and scream at me -not because I am an idiot and annoying them but because I am stood on stage dressed in a frock with a wig on!!! oh my what have I done-lol!!

Having never actually been one to rock up in a frock this point again makes me  feel a bit sick (no I am not pregnant either-oh yes you are!!! ) but am sure once I get my heels on I shall relish the part and get used to showing off.

I believe that SMP’s pantos are always a seller so I have been told it is best to book as early as you can- imagine how much fun it will be seeing me make an idiot of myself for a change-ok Dame Florrie is off to have her perm redone and wishes all of you a very lovely week