Much Ado – Promenade Performance FAQ’s

Much Ado About Nothing – Promenade Performance, Bury Lodge Park


What is a promendade production?

The performance takes place in different places in the park, the actors move and the audience follows walking and standing in each new place. You will not be standing in any one place for particularly long and part of the second half has some seats. If you have difficulty standing you are welcome to bring a chair to use, we will have some of these to hire.

How long is the show?

We are performing an abridged version of the play. The first half is approx. 1 hour. The second half approximately 50 mins with a 15min interval. Total time approx. 2 hours 5 mins.

How much walking is there?

The park is relatively small and between some scenes there is very little walking, only a few steps. The furthest distance between scenes is approx.100m. By the end of the evening you will have completed a crude figure 8 around Bury Lodge Park. We estimate roughly 650m over the 2 hours.

Will I understand the language?

Yes, don’t worry, it may take a little while to tune in but you will get used to it very quickly and even if you don’t the performers actions make it apparent what is happening.

Where do I stand to watch the show?

Wherever you like! It’s entirely up to you. The action will happen around you. We will suggest where is best to stand but the rest is up to you. However if you’re too much of an obstacle our audience guides may ask you to move.

Do I have to dress up or get involved?

That is entirely up to you. If you wish to dress for the show we suggest attire suitable for a casual summer party. There are some opportunities to interact with the cast, if you don’t want to then you are free to decline.

Where do I enter?

Please enter through the entrance to Salisbury house where you will be given an audience wristband.

What time does it start?

The doors open at 7pm and we have a bar and pre show entertainment for you. The play starts proper at 7.30pm.

Can I buy tickets on the door?

Yes we will have a box office, though tickets for this performance are limited so we advise you to book in advance to avoid missing out.

Can I pay by card?

We hope to have a card reader available but you’re advised to bring cash or buy online in advance. Our bar will be cash only.  

Can I bring a chair to sit on?

Yes you can bring a lightweight camping chair or stool to sit on during the performance. We will have a few available to hire.

What happens if it rains?

We will aim to continue the show and will perform in a light shower. If it is a heavy shower we may wait for it to pass undercover and then continue. If the rain does not stop we may have to cancel the show but we will do all we can to give you a performance.

If the show is cancelled can I get a refund?

We will endeavour to give you a performance whatever the weather and have a contingency for rain. Should we have to cancel the show during the first act you will be entitled to a full refund. If we cancel during the second half you are entitled to 50% refund.

Is there a car park?

There is no car park for the Park itself, the park is situated in a residential area and there are no parking restrictions that apply. Should you require disabled parking please let us know in advance when you need it and we will save a space as close as possible to the park for you.

Are refreshments available?

We will have a bar before and after the show and during the interval selling hot and cold drinks. During the interval we will be offering cream teas.

Do I need sun cream?

We advise you to consider the British summer and wear sun cream and possibly bring some insect repellent is you are prone to attracting insects.

Tickets are limited for each performance so please book early to avoid missing out on a unique show. Especially if you would like to attend Friday and Saturday’s performances. You can order your tickets by clicking the banner below.