OMIBLOG! Week 2.

Heyyy hey! It’s Lauren Price here kicking off off the OMIBlog Week 2. I have been fortunate enough to be cast as the one of the Delta Nus and can’t wait to perform alongside such a gorgeous cast under the instruction of our wonderful creatives. *Snaps*

This week started with setting our opening number “OHMIGOD you guys”!! The energy that was coming from the rehearsal space buzzed around the room and that was before anyone even had a red bull!! The over excitable, fierce and utterly fabulous show starter sets the precedent perfectly for the journey we’ll have putting this show on.

We then took the time to sneak next door and see something a little more “Serious” from our very own Warner (played by Phil Crocker). Who has been breaking hearts since 1990. Anyone who knows our Elle Woods (played by Jo McWilliams)should not see her suffer this sort of heartbreak so close to Valentine Day!

On Wednesday we had our singing rehearsal for the absolute epic that is “what you want”it is sooo full out and I’m super excited to see Jo B work her choreography magic next Monday!

Love love LOVING rehearsals so far and so excited to piece the Legally Blonde puzzle all together and see what super masterpiece we end up with!

Peace out y’all – Mwah x

Keep your eyes on the website as we’ll be bringing you updates from the cast each week with all the latest gossip from from rehearsals with the show blog #OMIBLOG!

Tickets for Legally Blonde are available already via the Millfield Theatre website and you can book by following the link below.