Past shows

2020- Current

2022- Rapunzel, Movie Night, Welwyn Garden Festival

2021 – Beauty and the Beast,

2020: Agatha Twisty and the Murder in Pantoland, Online Play Readings, The SMP Christmas Broadcast.


2019: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,  Much Ado About Nothing (Promenade) Cinderella

2018: The Little Mermaid, An Order of Lunacy, House Proud, Spamalot

2017: Frosted, Rally Cry, The Pirates of Penzance 

2016: Sleeping Beauty, Career Day, Urinetown

2015: Aladdin, Blue Remembered Hills, Thank you for ProtestingBugsy Malone,

2014: Rapunzel, Gulag Mouse, Buried Deep, Little Box of Oblivion, West Side Story

2013: Beauty and the Beast, I Am Hamlet, Badly Drawn, Our House

2012: Cinderella, Red Balloon, Echoes of Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night Fever

2011: Dick Whittington, Night’s Candles, The Wedding Singer

2010: Robin Hood, Zombie Prom, Players Present, Eurobeat