Past shows


1989: Cinderella, Two Feet No Feathers, After Midnight – Before Dawn, Outside Edge

1988: Aladdin, In Need of Care, Shadows, Old Tyme Musical, Lucrezia Borgia’s Little Party, The Bay at Nice / Barnstaple

1987: Jack and the Beanstalk, Fluff, One for the Road, Murder at the Vicarage, Gosforth’s Fete, The Dresser

1986: The Dream Princess, Lunch Hour, Plaza Suite, Harrowic Smith, Ten Little Indians, Present Laughter

1985: Robin Hood, A Slight Accident, Dovetale, California Suite

1984: Sleeping Beauty, Mobile 4, Stevie, What Are You Doing Here, Tramps, Princess Ascending

1983: The Wizard of Oz, No Why, After Midnight – Before Dawn, Billy Liar, Edge of Darkness

1982: Rumpelstiltzkin, After Magritte, The Whole Truth, The Lion in Winter, Beyond a Joke, Mate in Three

1981: Snow White, Sparrows, Shirts, Angels of Reflection, Shirts / A Resounding Tinkle, Oh! What a Lovely War

1980: Aladdin, Passion Play, Sequence of Events, Dream Jobs, The Queen’s Ring, Heaven on Earth / Dreamjobs, The Winslow Boy


1979: Dick Whittington, The Soldier and the Woman, Blithe Spirit, Shock

1978: How Hiawatha, Housekeeper Wanted, A Resounding Tinkle, Murder in Company, That’s Showbiz

1977: Cinderella, Rialto Prom, Ritual for Dolls, Passion Play, Rose without a Thorn, An Englishman’s Home

1976: Tinder Box, Lady Aoi, In Need of Care, Passion Play, 3 One Act Plays, How The Other Half Loves

1975: Enchanted Dragon, Late Arrival of the Incoming Aircraft, Temptation Sordid – Virtue Rewarded, Chiltern Hundreds, Let’s Get Away

1974: Princess Kalinka, The Trial, Passion Play, Murder at the Red Barn, The Anniversary, Devil May Care

1973: Sleeping Beauty, Conversations with a Golliwog, Dark Brown, Collapse of Stout Party, I’ll Get My Man, Stepping Out

1972: Cinderella, Morgan, The Queen’s Ring, Passion Play, Rape of the Belt, Tonight’s the Night, Dancers

1971: Tinder Box, Ladies in Retirement, A Slight Accident (Festival), Bridegroom Rose Early, Black Comedy, A Slight Accident, Boeing Boeing

1970: How Hiawatha, Man for all Seasons (Festival), Mutatia Mutandis, A Man for all Seasons, Fireraisers, The Proposal – Barefoot in the Park