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Today my hair is standing on end with excitement as we enter the theatre ready to start performing ‘The Pirates of Penzance’! I’m playing Isabel, the young and giggly daughter of the Modern Major General. Our dear father is not only modern, he is also comical and satirical, so be prepared to join me with the giggling!

The atmosphere was electric in the theatre this afternoon. The backstage pirates (our fabulous stage crew) have worked all weekend to build the set, light the stage and set up all of the sound equipment so that our hoard of pirates onstage do not deafen everyone!

We have unpacked all of our costumes, props and eaten pizza together (an integral part of the getting into the theatre process!). A few final costume pieces to sew and we are all set for our tech run.

This has been a wonderful production to be a part of. Rehearsals have been full of fun and
our production team have really have brought the show to life with great dances, cracking direction and superb singing. We are all ready, excited and raring to go!

Pirates of Penzance is a hoot from start to finish! This is without a doubt a show you don’t want to miss! Click on the link below to book your tickets, no treasure map needed!

Pirates of Penzance runs from 7th-10th June and tickets are available to buy through the Millfield box office here:

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