Pirate Blog – Tech and Dress run.

Well shiver me timbers, it’s that time again!

Welcome back to another instalment of SMP’s ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ Blog!

I’m Michael and I play the peculiarly looking ‘Rowan the Misplaced’ now I say ‘peculiar’ because you’ll spot him in his wonderfully fabulous ‘Green crushed velvet cape, obscenely floppy hat and looking rather like an ‘artist/painter’ than Pirate. Nonetheless he has been accepted into the ‘rollicking band of Pirates’ which is lead by the outstandingly talented Graham Wall who plays our ‘Pirate King’

Monday night was our ‘Tech Run’ now usually Tech Runs can become a bit tedious, as often whilst running the show, we are asked to frequently stop to allow the crew to make some changes to the set, lights or sound. But this appeared to not be the case on Monday, everything went smoothly and from a cast member’s point this was a blessing, as this gave us almost an extra Full run of the show. But this was only due to highly professional standards of our ‘Crew, Sound and Lighting’ team. I would just like to say how grateful the entire cast are for all of your hard work guys! – Ian Smith (Stage Manager) Aaron Day (Assistant Stage manager/Stage ferret!) Adam Humphries (Stage Crew) John Castle (Lighting) Phil Stannard (Sound) Matt McManus (Set design extraordinaire)

Tuesday night was our ‘Dress Run’ the dress run is usually the last ‘full run’ of the show before the curtain opens. Last night we were also joined by our full orchestra and pit singers all being lead by the incomparable Erika Gundensen. Suffice to say, last night went without a hitch, minus the few times us cast were corpsing on stage!!

Previously I wasn’t a massive G&S fan, but seeing Warren McWilliams’ vision of this ‘old and outdated’ show being brought to life has completely changed my mind about this show! It is packed full of all kinds of hilarity, energetic dances and a somewhat charming undertone. You’d be a fool to miss it!! I think I’ve finally found my calling in life!! Yo ho ho, it’s a pirate life for me!

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