Pirate Blog – Week 10

Greetings, Dear Reader,

Welcome to The Pirates of Penzance! My name is Bernadett and I am delighted to be guiding you through this week’s blog.

The Pirates of Penzance – or The Slave of Duty – is a show of brilliant humour and amazing music. I first saw the show about a year ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is very funny and heart-warming. I especially enjoy the creative choices our director and production team make with the show. They are all extremely talented people who will bring out the best in this production.

This is my second show with SMP and my very first operetta. I’m playing Susanna, the Preened, who is one of the daughters of the Major-General. I will get to wear a beautiful dress and meet real pirates (of a good kind, mind you) which makes two of my childhood dreams come true at once. It is very exciting indeed! 🙂

The plot of the show is engaging and funny and I feel blessed to be part of such a friendly and talented group. The music is brilliant although I do find it very complex at places and the lyrics can be real tongue-twisters at times. Nonetheless, everybody in the team is working hard towards perfection with the help of the amazing MD Erika and her assistant, Alex.

On Monday, our men did some recaps of the dances learned so far and learned the choreography for ‘Cat like tread’. Even though I was not present, – as the ladies of the cast were given a well-deserved night off – I enjoyed watching the recordings of the evening’s hard work. Our male cast members are big and strong (as is to be expected from the pirates) but very funny and sentimental when needed and they sound amazing. It is going to be a real treat for all who will come to see the show.

On Wednesday, the whole cast had a vocal call and we learned the harmonies of the Act Two Finale. It sounds great when all vocal parts come together. We have not yet done the setting for this but I am very much looking forward to it!

We would be delighted to welcome you in the audience. We can promise you a show full of laughter and excitement!!!! Don’t miss it! 🙂

Pirates of Penzance runs from 7th-10th June and tickets are available to buy through the Millfield box office here:

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