Pirate Blog – Week 11


Hello, this is Rupert the partial, in the real world Carl.

Well last week’s rehearsals were full of ballet and chasing. When I heard about the ballet scene, I thought, being one of the male cast, I’d have the night off. I was wrong! This is the Pirate’s and Police ballet part of the Act II finale.

Well, the amazing Fay Kemal’s choreography is en pointe as always. She certainly kept us on our toes the whole time. We were Pirou-wet with sweat by the end of Monday’s rehearsal. With a little more practice it won’t be Tu Tu hard to master.

I’ve run out of ballet puns, so swiftly moving on to the hilarious chase scene, masterfully choreographed by our director. Not just running around, that’s not good enough for our Warren; this chase is filled with leap frogs, slapping and, naturally, sneezing.

On Wednesday, we went through the chase scene, but excitingly, we tried on our costumes. No photos but they are awesome, thanks to Fay, Ellie and Debbie. Debbie has done us proud on the Police costumes. The pirate’s costumes are an eclectic mix of scurvy buccaneers that have to be seen to be believed.

The girls also tried on their costumes but these are shrouded in mystery from the rest of the cast!

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