Pirate Blog – Week 12

Dearest and loveliest followers of the SMP Pirates of Penzance Show blog, welcome to our humble yet impeccable account of the labour of piecing together this most wonderful of Gilbert & Sullivan Shows, our show, The Pirates of Penzance! I must say I am surprised by the choice of name for this marvellous show.

I strongly feel that this show would have been more aptly named “Frederic and Mabel, The Slave of Duty and His Fair Maiden, Confront the Most Wicked Pirates of Penzance”, but I was sadly not consulted on this matter which I feel is an oversight. But I willingly forgive this smallest of slights and focus my undivided attention on the exceedingly lovely part I am required to play.

My name is Mabel, and I play one of the fair maidens in this show. In it I find true love at the side of Frederic, a most beautiful and thoughtful young man who chooses me out of all my sisters, imagine that, as the one that he shall wed. We met on the Coast of Penzance, and it truly was love at first sight. His melodious tones could not fail to stir in me a sense of duty to marry him at once, since he was quite desperate to win me. I must say it was a small sacrifice to make, as Frederic has since revealed himself to be a most worthy suitor.

But enough about Frederic and I, though I am sure you would love nothing more than for me to go on endlessly about his many achievements and dashing good looks. To say nothing of his excellent hip swaying abilities.

This past week, in our rehearsals, we have had a highly joyous time and I was able to observe my darling sisters practice singing along with me to the wonderful tune of “Poor Wandering One” where I give a most rousing rendition of the highest of high notes as they sway beautifully in the background! Frederic truly was the most poor wandering one, but I have helped him return to the path he strayed from and offered him my heart to take for his own.

All of us ladies were incredibly delighted to receive and try on our most beautiful garments for the show this week, they are absolutely superb and will be a most wonderful surprise to everyone on opening night. I dare say we shall spend the entire show twirling in them in fits of giggles. I do believe it is the loveliest dress I have ever had the pleasure to wear. It perfectly complements my delicate complexion.

We also sang alongside our darling Papa who was quite sad and we did our best to cheer him up. Those most awful of Pirates also rehearsed this week and stomped about in their loud and boisterous manner as is their custom. It was rather upsetting but also quite rousing. It must be quite the life of adventure…or so I hear.

I wonder do Pirate ladies exist? I myself have never met one. With all our hard work, I am most satisfied to share with you that we have arrived at a moment where all of the show has been rehearsed and we will begin doing runs of the entire play! It is truly exciting, you must agree!

Please do remember to share this inspiring show with those you love so that we may have a suitably packed audience in June. Ah leave us not to pine alone…When you purchase your tickets, tell them Mabel sent you, for I have no doubt that if you do this, you will be very well taken care of. As you may imagine, I am very loved by one and all.

I hope to see you at the Millfield Theatre between June 7th and 10th! Signing off with all my love and warm wishes, Fa la la la, Fa la…Mabel Stanley. xoxo

Pirates of Penzance runs from 7th-10th June and tickets are available to buy through the Millfield box office here:

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