Pirate Blog – Week 14

Ahoy mateys, Jack here to take you through this weeks on goings aboard the SMP pirate ship.

We had three rehearsals this week. Monday saw us using the intimate theatre to run through act 1 in all its glory. It allowed us the time and space necessary to really tweak and fix certain bits, both vocally and dance wise.

Wednesday we were at trusty old canon house where we ran, surprise surprise, act 2. Although the space is much smaller we were still able to get through the whole act with plenty of stoppages within. Most of the time, or should I say more time than than should have been, was spent on Erika trying to teach me a harmony, which just wasn’t happening that day for some reason.

The highlight of the week however came on Sunday…….Band Call! For those that don’t know, Band Call, is when the amazing musicians, who shall be playingfor us show week, come to a rehearsal and play through the music. I must say even though a few instruments were missing, it sounded amazing. Erika has and continues to do a fantastic job with this show, we have some seriously talented people both on stage and off stage in this production.

Not long now for you to book tickets, make sure you do as this isn’t one to be missed.

Signing off, Captain Jack


Pirates of Penzance runs from 7th-10th June and tickets are available to buy through the Millfield box office here:

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