Pirates Blog – Week 2

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 Yahaargh me shiverin’ mateys!

Welcome to this installment of the captain’s blog! This be Horace the Unclean, aka Chunk; long standing member of the SMP crew, first time on stage in many a year and brand new contributor the show blog.

Let us now dispense with the pirate brogue!

This is the first show I have been on stage for since SMP’s ‘7 Brides for 7 Brothers’ in 2008, so beginning rehearsals with singing and dancing was a little trepidatious for me. I was delighted to have been told that I had passed the audition stage, but a little tremor of nerves soon struck! However at the first rehearsal I found myself surrounded by an excellent cast that I thought really nailed the singing of the first piece we attempted, and that immediately helped allay any fears I had and I was soon back in the swing of things.

I like the this particular combination of production team, and I think they have made excellent casting choices. This is going to be such a good show. The music is fantastic and the story is engaging and funny. This cast will really bring their characters to life.

This week’s rehearsals were a mixture of singing and dancing. I had forgotten how hard part-singing is, for me personally, but Erika is skilled in isolating what needs to be sung and coaching those of us that need it, with an easy-going approach and pleasant attitude. Everyone else seems to get it straight off the bat. Harder than that is remembering dance routines. Harder still: singing and dancing at the same time! Even at this early stage though, I can see the humour Fay is bringing into the male dance routines, and rehearsals have started strong giving us a good foundation for a first class show. This is pleasing to be involved with.

Monday’s rehearsal was at the historic and venerable Intimate Theatre, where SMP have been performing panto annually for many many years. It is quite a nice feeling to be rehearsing within an actual theatre space, right in front of the stage beneath the proscenium arch. I am looking forward to next week’s rehearsals, as I understand our illustrious director is taking over temporarily from the choreographer to make us move about the stage in daft and amusing ways!

Watch this space for the next rehearsal blog post, and buy some tickets! Tell yours friends to buy some tickets. Do not miss this opportunity to see this classic G&S musical.

Fair thee well, and keep a weather eye on the SMP website. Yahaargh!

Pirates of Penzance runs from 7th-10th June and tickets are available to buy through the Millfield box office here:

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