Pirates Blog – Week 4

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So now it’s my time to write a blog. I haven’t done this since we started SMPs blog for Sleeping Beauty (and may I say I wrote SMPs first blog). 
Well I have been involved with SMP since 2009 and let’s say – I love being part of such a wonderful, friendly and talented group. My favourite shows that I have performed in with SMP are The Wedding Singer, West Side Story and Our House. I was even lucky enough to direct Sleeping Beauty in 2016.
Pirates is a completely different show than I have ever been involved with. I will be playing the Pirate King’s lieutenant ‘Samuel’. Every time I have performed with SMP, it has brought a completely different challenge. Let’s just say Pirates certainly is a singing challenge, and we could not succeed with this if it wasn’t for our amazing musical director Erika, supported by our wonderful pianist Alex, who both have the patience of saints. They work us hard and when we get it right, it sounds phenomenal. Hail Poetry! 
Monday we had a mixture of Dazography from our fantastic director Warren and choreography from our brilliant choreographer Fay. We set the entire (9 minute) finale of act 1 and such fun it was. 
Wednesday was singing recaps with our pianist Alex. Additionally the men got to spend time with our costume duo Fay and Ellie – trying on a variety of ‘piratey’ clothes which included, see through blouses, very tight jumpsuits and frilly tops. Let’s just say your in for a treat. 
Until next time where Archie will be filling you in for next weeks shenanigans. Book your tickets now – it’s never too early. 

Pirates of Penzance runs from 7th-10th June and tickets are available to buy through the Millfield box office here:

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