Pirates Blog – Week 7


Greetings dear readers of the Pirates Blog!

My name is David Bowman and there are those that call me the Very Model of a Modern Major General!

Usually at rehearsals, and when the script dictates, for that is the part I am to portray, and dare I say, to embody in our little show.

Admittedly there are not many occasions for them to do this.

But when they do, they do so in unison, in song and in some rather lovely harmonies!

This week has seen two more rehearsals full to the brim with that authentic SMP blend of studious attention to detail, and glorious hilarity!

On Monday the gentlemen of the cast, along with the irrepressible Jo Cooper who plays our Ruth, where put through their paces.

Our esteemed Director, Mr Warren McWilliams, guided us through a review of all the scenes so far covered.

I’m pleased to say he certainly bought that particular genius of his to bear cranking up the levels of police buffoonery and piratical hijinks!

The evening concluded in marvellous fashion with Jack McGinn, our dashing Frederick, and Jo Cooper delivering a truly rousing rendition of ‘Oh False One’.

Special mention here should go to our pianist Alex Cobavie, for altheticism, vigor and enthusiasm her playing brings to all of our rehearsals, and this accompaniment in particular!

Wednesday we repaired to Cannon House, where there’s always costume lurking in the attic, song wafting through the lounge and tea brewing in the kitchen!

A recap of the songs was led by our Musical Director – the incomparable Erika Gundesen.  In once more guiding us through the trickiest of Sullivan’s harmonic wrangling with tenacity, perseverance and consummate musicianship, but also with irrepressible good humour!

Indeed a splendid evening was had by all and we all left looking forward to the day that all this can be unveiled before you, our esteemed audience!

In conclusion, get your tickets, see this show, it’s going to be absolutely jolly marvellous!

Pirates of Penzance runs from 7th-10th June and tickets are available to buy through the Millfield box office here:

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