Sleeping Beauty Blog – Community Night

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Guten Tag from me, Rebecca Gediking – the Little German! (this is a well known character in the original ‘Sleeping Beauty’ fairytale so I’m told… Yah!)

Tonight was SMP’s opening night of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ by Warren Mc Williams for charity and community groups and what a great night it was!
It was so much fun performing and bringing the show to life with a fantastic audience, a fab band and a wonderful group of people!
Tonight we really experienced the fear, joy and exhilaration of performing live. Cast and crew members were helping each other with quick costume changes, hairstyles, make up, set changes and microphones! There were times when we were running up and down stairs and around the theatre to make it on time for scenes and musical numbers…We loved every minute!
As we hung up our costumes and packed away our make up, hairspray and millions of hair grips, we all had huge grins on our faces and we can’t wait to be back in the theatre to perform again tomorrow!
Thank you to our audience members for being good fun and participating in the pantomime jokes, cheering and of course booing our baddies Malevolent, Boggers and Sniffles! We hope all of our audience members will be as good as you were tonight!
If you haven’t booked your tickets yet… I can only assume you’ve been asleep for a loooong time, we understand that this can happen – but     you wouldn’t want to miss this show… Oh no you wouldn’t!
Auf Wiedersehen for now! Xx