Sleeping Beauty Blog – Get in and Band Call

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Hi, Carl here, playing the King. A lovely crisp winter’s morning is a beautiful start to a great day. First of all, band call; when the band and the cast come together for the first time.

OMG it sounds amazing thanks to the talented Mike B., Chris W., Tim H., Steve R. and John F. They all rock!

Then off to the Intimate we go for tech rehearsal and, more importantly, the inevitable pizza party. A ridunculous amount of food ordered and while stuffing pizza in our gobs it’s truly the quietest SMP have ever been. Pizza rocks!

The back stage guys have worked tirelessly getting the fabulous set and lighting all sorted. They all rock!

The Intimate theatre is a great venue but as the name suggests the stage isn’t as big as the rehearsal space we’re used to. But with the guidance of our fabulous choreographer, Fay, and brilliant director, Chris, it’s all looking awesome. Fay and Chris, you rock!

I am so happy that I get to share this incredible time with my partner, Andy, who is joining SMP for the first time. Looking forward to tomorrow when the set, lighting and costumes all come together; it’s gonna be spectacular.

This is my sixth show with SMP and I am lucky to be involved with such a loveable group of talented people who I am proud to call my friends. SMP rock!