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Oh how joyous! It’s my turn to write for the Sleeping Beauty Blog – and this time, it’s Opening Night!! After spending far too long sticking sparkles and glitter on my face, it was time to take to the stage as Fairy Fauna – the ditsy, blonde, ‘one sparkle short of a twinkle’ fairy…and well, I’m finding this character an absolute delight to play!

I am incredibly lucky to have the support of such a wonderful cast that has helped me to quickly step in to this role. I would like to personally thank the wonderful Flora (Lynzey) and magical Merriweather (Marian) for helping me through the past couple of weeks… and our brilliant director Christopher O’Shea (18 years later and we are still performing together Chris!)… Oh, and of course, our very own SMP fairy Jo McWilliams, who has been a fabulous support. After finding out the great news that Jo is expecting her first little ‘cherub’ I was absolutely delighted to be asked to take on her role of Fairy Fauna. Jo has really helped me to bring so much life, love and laughter to this character and I hope she is pleased with the result.

Anyway, back to last night…The fairies certainly have their work cut out trying to protect Princess Aurora, making sure her and Prince Rupert meet (and fall totes in-love), fighting the mystical malevolent, saving Prince Rupert from Boggers and Sniffle, keeping the peace between Presto and Sampson, defeating Malevolent, making sure our Sleeping Beauty wakes up and ensuring everyone lives happily every after… and of course remaining fabulous the whole way through… Oh my Disney! Thankfully we have magic wands to help us through… and after last night, I am certain they have real power… the speed that Rupert’s chains flew off was quite astonishing – thankfully, no band members were hurt in the process, although, our BSL interpreter did have to duck! Oops!

This show is jam packed full of fun, energy and lots of fairy sparkle –  Get booking those tickets… otherwise, Merriweather will be round to give you a good shake! x

*Some of our cast decided to celebrate after the show last night with a few drinks and a spot of karaoke, see the pictures.

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