Sleeping Beauty Blog – Tech Run & Dress

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We’ve reached the end of our rehearsals and Wednesday night will be our first performance in front of an audience.

Monday started off early as our lighting designer Matt arrived at 10 am to start plotting the show ready for the tech run later that evening.

Alex our stage manager wasn’t far behind and with help from cast and crew sorted through all the problems ready for the tech run that evening.

Props, front of house displays all got worked on so that they were ready to go and our box office lady, Kate, was busy sorting out those last minute ticket orders.

A huge THANK YOU has to go to all of our tech team and crew who manage to sort out our lighting sound and set all whilst still doing their day jobs. They don’t get much time to see the show and only a few rehearsals to get it right but they come through for us every time.

Our tech run on Monday night went nice and smoothly, no major problems along the way apart from a slight wardrobe malfunction on Haydns part which saw his trousers fall down during a dance number and Andy brake his finger as a result!

Tuesday was our dress run and we arrived at the theatre in the afternoon to start finishing off those bits that needed sorting on stage and with the lighting.

In the evening we were joined once again by our brilliant band and started our dress rehearsal. Despite a couple of missing people in some scenes and some dropped and restarted lines, the run went pretty well and we’re in good shape for our audience on Wednesday night. Thanks to Dave for taking some pictures or us too.

The show’s in good shape and we’ve had great feedback from those who’ve seen our rehearsals, so we really hope you come along to see us this week. There are still some tickets available so please book if you’re coming especially for matinees as there is limited availability for those shows.