Sleeping Beauty Blog – The Get Out

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IT’S A WRAP!… As our brilliant last audience cheerfully exited the theatre, singing our finale song as they went, and the curtains came down on another super show week in SMP land, so began our “Get out”

While cast were busy folding cloths, our FOH team were dismantling displays and taking down “Urinetown” posters. Back stage more cast folded away their costumes and cleared out the dressing rooms, while our props team filled their cars to the brim, and our incredible crew were shifting set and lighting bars, oooh and sweeping our confetti filled pit too.

During all the hard work, our lovely Fairy Merriweather and “thank you’s” mistress, Marian Lynch, kindly presented a very long list of super special people with chocolates, flowers and thank you cards. People without whom we couldn’t do what we do.

As fate would have it, in came our review from “Sardines” the Am-Dram magazine, and it was full to the brim of lovely comments and positive feedback, yay, which only encouraged the already high emotions of the cast, production team, committee and crew. As they all hugged goodbye and patted each other firmly on the back, a feeling of pride filled the room.

Six performances later, to nearly 1500 people this week, ending on a sell-out, we are all ready for our beds…but one things for sure, we’ll be heading off the land of nod with HUGE smiles on our faces.

To everyone who came to see the show we offer you a massive heartfelt thank you, without you we couldn’t continue to do what we love doing. THANK YOU!