Sleeping Beauty Blog – Week 11

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This week our blog comes from our writer and dame, Nurse Nelly, Warren McWilliams. Take it away Warren:

So here’s my blog post!

This week we set about learning another one of our dances whilst those principles not involved went through our dialogue adding more jokes to the already gag laden script. We’ve got a great cast this year, a totally cherubtastic selection peppered with talent.

On Wednesday we set the magic hat scene and ran over more of the dialogue, evoking a sense of Deja-vu, it does mean though that nearly the whole show has been set now. All that’s left to do is to polish it until it sparkles like the Koh-I-Noor in SMP’s crown.

This year I’m treading new ground as I’m filling the gargantuan boots of our regular dame Terry Aylott whilst he has a brief hiatus. It’s all a bit nerve wracking and I’m sure everything won’t go as planned but, he’s a dazzling dame and a thoroughly nice bloke so he won’t show any schadenfreude.

Thankfully I’ve had the privilege to have watched his brilliant performances numerous times so I’ll be doing my very best impersonation of him and hopefully be his doppelganger come show week.

I’m ascertaining that there’s more to being a dame than meets the eye, the décolletage, the unexpected ad libs, the audience participation, the greasepaint, the wigs and of course the dresses! Thanks to the great support from everyone at SMP though, I’m sure everything will be peachy clean come show week.

Thanks to the hard work of our creative team the dialogue is slicker than a deep fried donner kebab, the dance numbers are sharper than Stephen Fry’s wit, and the songs more melodic than a chorale of Disney Princesses.

I love panto, you get a creative carte blanch so literally anything goes and Christmas for me wouldn’t be the same without it. Looking ahead, I’m directing SMP’s next show, the totally unique show Urinetown, don’t be put off by the title, it’s great and one not to be missed. Check out our website here to find out more about it.

One thing’s for sure though, this Panto’s going to be hotter than a wahacca chilli, fresher than an Italian stallion and more fun than chasing a herd of antelope whilst riding a henry hoover! You can book your tickets for the #BestPantoEver here.

I’d like to finish my blog post with a picture of Nick Quye because…well, just because. Here you go: