Sleeping Beauty Blog – Week 16


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Hi there my name is Andy Jordan and it’s my turn to update you with the latest Blog. Before I do that I would like to tell you all a little bit about me. I’m the newest and oldest member of the cast in this years panto Sleeping Beauty and it’s my first ever performing role.

By day I’m a flight attendant for EasyJet and I also teach Zumba in my spare time so I know what it’s like to be in the lime light. I’m also a bit of a philanthropist organising and taking part in many Zumba fundraising events for local charities .

I’m part of a very impressive chorus being choreographed by the wonderful Fay Kemal. We had a short break over Christmas and New Year giving us all time to learn the lines practise the harmonies polish the dance moves Carl my partner, who’s playing the King, and I even managed a trip to Copenhagen as a Christmas treat.

When we got together for a first rehearsal of 2016 everybody’s hard work could be seen. I’m having such a great time with SMP the whole cast and crew have been welcoming and friendly.

Well show week is fast approaching I’m both nervous and excited to be on stage for the first time with a wonderful group of people who I know will be good friends for years to come.