Sleeping Beauty Blog – Week 4

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The next blog post comes from our very own Boggers, Luke Clow!


Hello and welcome to the new instalment of the SMP Blog! This time I take up the (virtual) pen to bring you the updates on another exciting week of fun! I’m playing the character of Boggers which is an absolute laugh riot of a part! Together with my partner in crime and, indeed, grime in this show (Sniffles – played by Sasha, who wrote last weeks’ instalment) we’re going to have a brilliant time and do our best to steal the whole show. As Sasha mentioned in last week’s blog, we spent last week setting some of our scenes and learning a song that we get to bring to you all. Well this week we got to set the dance to that song. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but it’s absolutely AWESOME!!!! As soon as we heard that we’d get to do this song in the panto we were buzzing to get in and set the dance.

Well – that was this Monday! So – our lovely choreographer Fay Kemal brought us in and once I’d explained that I currently am recovering from a bad dose of Whooping Cough and thus a less vigorous dance routine might be a good idea – she caringly set a routine that left me a sweaty broken mess upon the floor. It was BRILLIANT! It wasn’t just me left broken by the routine, even those far fitter, more flexible and crucially younger were also knackered by the end! It should make for a fantastic routine in the show – but if I do end up with Pneumonia from the exertion I’m blaming you Fay!!

Wednesday saw us come together with our MD, the talented Mr Mike Benyon, to set some more solo/duet/trios. There was some fantastic sounds coming out of the rehearsal room and indeed myself, Sniffle and Malevolent learned a brilliant song that I’m really excited to sing. It’s dark and moody and then unleashes in a kind of rock style towards the end. It’s already sounding fantastic and there’s going to be a layer of chorus harmonies added to it as well so that should be a number to really look forwards to.

We also heard some lovely stuff from our Prince and our Princess Aurora on the night as well. Their song together is sure to be a smash hit with all the kids in our audience (including those young at heart) and had us humming and singing along as we listened in through the door.

There was also lots going on in terms of costumes beginning to be put together and finalised for some people – that’s always a very exciting time as it suddenly becomes way more real as a show and we start to identify with our characters more. The next few weeks should be really fun with pulling all the different strands together more and we can’t wait for people to come along and see the show, it’s looking to be the #BestPantoEver!