Sleeping Beauty Blog – Week 7

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This weeks blog comes from Michael Lacey, who’s playing our Jester, Presto. So here is it…Hey Presto! 

Hey Gang!!

My names presto and I work her’… Wait. Let’s start that again. My name is Michael and I’ll be playing the part of ‘Presto’ the Court Jester!

So I have received the blogging baton from our lovely Deb Deb, and it’s my turn to report on what filibustering shenanigans have been going on this past week.

This week saw our troupe of amazing individuals setting the dance to ‘Counting Stars’ choreog’d by our fabulous Fay Kimal, which is sang by our devilishly talented ‘Evil Fairy’ Kate Russell backed up by her ‘Tweedle Dee’ and ‘Tweedle Dum’ henchmen ‘Boggers’ (Luke Clow) and ‘Sniffle’ (Sasha Newton)

Meanwhile over yonder in the other room, we were setting the scenes under the ever watchful eye of our Director Chris O’Shea. All was swimmingly well till Mr David Bowmen who is playing Samson (Prince Rupert’s Page) and Myself we asked to stage a little fight scuffle.. Well when I say words cannot describe the hilarity of Bowman’s “Limbering Up” for the scene through the medium of his knees. To cut a long story short he had our Fairies, Prince, Princess, Dame and I in fits of giggles for 10minutes straight. – That was just Monday night…

Wednesday night was an intimate rehearsal where myself and our Dame (Warren McWilliams – who also wrote our fantastic script) were called along with Chris O’Shea.
Chris put us both through our paces with playing around with dialogue and pushing me to face my uncomfortableness of eye contact by making me go through a monologue and counting the exact times I managed to look him in the eye.. Which was a pathetic 5 times!!

Anyway.. I’m so proud to be playing Presto in my first Panto, and the fact that I get to share it with the ridiculously talented individuals of SMP means so much!

You can catch us at the Intimate Theatre, Green Lanes N13 4DH from January 21st – 24th. This is going to be the #Bestpantoever