Sleeping Beauty Blog – Week 9

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This weeks blog is brought to you by Rebecca Gediking a.k.a. SpongeBob SquarePants! (Cue song…)
A bit about me: Sadly I don’t really live in a pineapple under the sea but I do live in SMP land. SMP has become a huge part of my life. I joined the group 7 years ago and haven’t missed a show in that time! I’ve been a fairy and a number of crazy characters and always had a blast. What makes SMP so special is that we all get on so well and that we have a lot of fun! We work hard to make our shows a success and we hope you will enjoy the debut of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ by Warren McWilliams.

Without further adieu, here is the next instalment of the adventures of SMP:

We began the week by dancing to the theme tune of yours truly and a number of my cartoon colleagues joined in with theirs, there was skipping, jumping and jazz hands galore, led by the marvellous Mrs Fay Kemal.

Our next rehearsal saw us learning new songs with some cracking harmonies taught by our very own master maestro, Mikey B! Our raucous laughter in this rehearsal led to Ofsted paying us a visit to make sure we were working hard… Uuum…

After the inspection, the merriment continued with birthday celebrations, cake, marshmallows, singing and sparklers!! The SMP family also decided to club together and buy a whopping 22 lottery tickets for the draw on Friday eek!

Our lotto win was the subject of conversation at our post rehearsal pub visit – should we buy the Intimate Theatre? Should we quit our day jobs and sun ourselves on lilo’s or drink cocktails in a hammock? Should we build Antsterdam? Hampsterdam?

The list goes on… But fear not, even if we win and go somewhere sunny, we would never miss our fabulous panto (oh no we wouldn’t!) and neither should you… Sparkle on over and book your tickets here!