SMP to enter the Welwyn Drama Festival with Rally Cry!

rally cry

We are delighted to be taking part in the Welwyn Drama Festival again this year from 22-27th May 2017. “The plays” are always such an exciting time here at SMP HQ, and we are back with a bang with our fabulous team of David Bowman producing, Rebecca Gediking back in the Directors seat, award winning writer Paul Levy supplies another brilliant, original, script, and Ian Smith once again our super SM!

Our entry to the festival will be ‘Rally Cry’, a new play written by Paul Levy.

“After inciting the bloody overthrow of a headmaster, the new headmistress of a London school has to negotiate the promises she made to the teachers who helped her. But when the corpse of the previous head starts to talk, she soon realises that she is now a player in a cruel game of one-upmanship.”

The Cast for the play is:

Carrol: Carla Segel

Headmaster: John William Stivey

Joy: Linda Levy

Mr Swift: Jack McGinn

Miss Flowers: Wendy Cooper

Mr Blackburn: David Bowman

For more details about the festival and for the schedule once its published visit the official website here.