Spamalot Blog – Week 3

So it’s my turn to do the blog!

Hey everyone. My names Chris and I will be playing Sir Robin (who throughout the show tends to soil himself on many occasions.)

I originally saw Spamalot at the Palace Theatre in the West End in 2007 – where I fell in love with the hilarity of the show. From then on I knew it was a show that I wanted to be part of. Eleven years later – and here I am, rehearsing with SMP, who are not just a group, but an extended family.

We are extremely lucky to have a wonderful and talented production team – Fay, Stuart and Paula who have magical visions of the show. On Monday it was another dance rehearsal with Fay and of course our brilliant pianist Alex. Yet again, Fay pulls off another great comedic routine (which this show is full of).

The title says it all – ‘He Is Not Dead Yet’ – where Haydn (the man who is not dead yet) has the opportunity to dance his absolute socks off just before Warren (the homicidal brave Sir Lancelot) decides to knock him out with an umbrella (should be a shovel). Not to be missed.

Unfortunately, due to the weather, Wednesday’s rehearsal was cancelled. Paula did set us homework. Snowball fights (looking at song words was also somewhere in there I think).

You don’t want to miss this ‘SPAM’ of a show. Book your tickets, tell your friends, invite family, bring people and some more people. It will be ‘Spamazing’.

Book your tickets on the web before the Knight’s of Ni get them all. So when you’re feeling in the dumps, don’t be silly chumps, just book your tickets and whistle that’s the thing! Always look on the bright…. (gets knocked out by shovel).


Get your tickets now from the link below!