Spamalot Blog – Week 4

Hi all, Luke here and I shall be playing King Arthur.

The show is already coming together nicely and I am loving riding around on my trusty steed (some say it’s less of a steed and more like a couple of coconuts being banged together) in search of the Holy Grail!

Having blocked through the dialogue in the past few weeks, this week we started getting cracking on some more of the songs and dances.

Monday we set the cheerleader number which looks fantastic as you can see from this snippet below:

On Wednesday we sung through a few songs including the cheerleaders cheer

and what may be my favourite song in the show, the amazing “Find Your Grail”. By the end of the evening it was sounding amazing and I left the rehearsal beaming from ear to ear.

There are some tricky “Ah ah” harmonies but our gloriously tanned MD has faith in us as you can see here:

We were excited to start looking at our costumes too as Fay, Ellie and Debbie are already hard at work pulling together the eclectic mix of costumes and tabards needed for the show.

We’re looking forwards to more fun at rehearsals this week and already I’m sure this show is going to be absolutely epic. Make sure to get your tickets as soon as you can, you don’t want to miss out!!

Get your tickets now from the link below!