Spamalot Blog – Week 7

It’s Steve (Brother Maynard) with this week’s Spamalot Blog and, just like Emma who did last week’s, I too am doing my first show with SMP and writing my first ever blog. Mike B noted a few weeks ago that I’ve taken his award of being the oldest person involved in the show! Thanks Mike, another first for me, and it makes me feel suicidal really great!

Monday’s rehearsal saw the men tripping the light fantastic like never before in Fay’s glitzy setting of “Bright Side of Life”. Much twirling of umbrellas, soft shoe shuffle and muted tap were in evidence, Gene Kelly eat your heart out. It also saw the return of Luke and Michael after their skiing holiday, thankfully with limbs still intact. Also revision of the dances we’ve done so far, which, judging by Fay’s reaction, are coming along nicely….

Wednesday was a revelation. A complete sing-through, with our lovely MD and rehearsal pianist, of everything we’ve covered so far. Stuart and Alex’s faces were a picture as the whole cast belted out one number after another in almost perfect and then, after a few minor tweaks and corrections, absolutely perfect harmony. Stuart, by his own admission, was moved to “emotional moistness” on more than one occasion and, once she’d asked for more emphasis on diction, Paula could even understand the words!

At half time some of the girls tried on a costume or two and put a watering can on their heads (something to do with watering a shrubbery, maybe?)

It’s plain to see and hear that in SMP people actually OPEN AND LOOK AT THEIR SCRIPTS BETWEEN ONE REHEARSAL AND THE NEXT!!!! This is a habit that other companies (not naming any names in order to protect the innocent) must be really jealous of!

Seasoned SMP members are probably so used to the following sort of comment from newcomers that they’ll stifle a cynical yawn, but….the rehearsals really are jaw-droppingly well-planned and organised. I’ve been telling my friends and family that Spamalot is shaping up really well, sounding amazing and, judging by the costumes that I’ve seen so far, will look stunning.

I’m ever so humble to be involved with the talented, friendly bunch of lovely people that are SMP and, despite my physical age (which is apparent when I wake up on a Tuesday morning), this experience is actually making me feel like a teenager again!

Keep pushing those tickets everyone, it’s going to be a great show and yet another feather in SMP’s already very feathery cap.

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