The Cinderella Blog – Get in & Band Call.

Coo-ee folks, my name is Jo McWilliams and although I’m not actually in the show, I am a bit of a super fan and often hanging around and “helping out”…so they let me write a blog, hurrrah

It was teamwork-dreamwork today in SMP HQ or as its usually known “Get In” day…a very exciting fixture in the calendar. We get to spend a whole day together at the theatre, wahoo, and while the very hard working crew and tech teams put the set together, our FOH displays are completed, our bar is stocked, and our props table is filled, we have a chance to hear and sing with our full band, eeeek.

You could sense the excitement as our cast arrived and found their spots in the dressing rooms, even more exciting than usual as we are in a new venue this year and this was the first time inside for many of us. While our cast toured the new site, their hands piled high with sparkly costumes, they stopped to take a peek at our stunning FOH display by the ever brilliant Fay…who is not only one third of our epic costume team but also our choreographer…goodness knows when she sleeps.

Our INCREDIBLE crew (Adam, Alex, Josh, Matt, Warren, Michael, Jack and cast when they weren’t performing) had been at it for many hours at this point, hanging cloths, painting carriages, shifting set and our sound and lighting super stars; Phil and Del (aka the cavalry) had been busy saving our bacon and ensuring we are lit and heard throughout the week, so it was only right that our cast stopped for a little look at the splendid stage too. The new venue has thrown some new problems at us but our amazing team have risen to the challenge once again.

Soon everyone had arrived, and our lovely Chairwoman Ellie talked through our plans for the week ahead with our beautiful kids chorus, a first time in many years for us, and what joy they are bringing! Once our awesome, rockin band were set up it was time to start our “Band Call” with Paul, john, Chunk, Steve, Tim and our legendary MD, Mr Mike Benyon, who expertly lead us through a run of each number and they sounded incredible! The brilliant bands accompaniment truly enhanced the vocals and the two ingredients together made for the most delicious panto pie! We whizzed through our band call and followed up with a dance & sing through of every number and a costume check too! The foyer was seriously the place to be this afternoon with all the musical commotion and Yil stocking the bar for our lovely audiences to enjoy and Ellie G and Debbie S creating even more magic in the costume department

By early evening our absolute grafter of a director, Warren, was ready for us to test out the stage and run one of our most difficult numbers “the transformation“ … Oh you know, the one where the fairy godmother “magics-up” a sparkly ball gown for Cinders AND turns a pumpkin into a carriage…yeah, no biggy 😉

But with our super SM Adam and Prod Mgr Alex making “sparkly” plans and our props placed perfectly by our lovely DebDeb, there was soon another big tick off the list and before we knew it, it was time to go home (boo)

It’s safe to say peeps were ready for their hot baths and bed by the time we were done but would certainly sleep with a big smile on each of their faces, after a dream of a “get in” with the awesome SMP fam

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