The Cinderella Blog – Week 13

Hello everyone, I am strangely writing this in my role as Mum rather than performer.  Having spent the past 10 years performing with SMP (and loving every minute of it) it is my 9 year old son who is treading the boards for this year’s amazing spectacle that is Cinderella. 

It has been great fun to observe from the sidelines as this show has been put together.  The script from Warren McWilliams has caused me to laugh out loud on many occasions, I have cried at the beauty of the singing created by Mike Benyon and been spellbound by the stunning choreography from Fay Kemal. 

As a former child performer I know how nerve wracking it can be to be surrounded by grown-ups, but my Kieran has taken it all in his stride and in his own words is having “the best time ever”.  There is something heart-warming about having a children’s chorus, they inject so much fun into it and their enthusiasm is infectious.

So the past week has been eventful!  We celebrated young performer Archie Beech’s birthday on Monday with lots of cake, merriment and a full run-through of the show. 

Then on Wednesday we brushed up om the singing and dancing to make sure we were pitch perfect for our costume run through on Sunday. 

This was the kids first time in their costumes and they loved getting all dressed up and seeing how they looked with the adults.  I spent much of the time running in and out of dressing rooms making sure everyone had what they needed whilst at the same time supervising to make sure nobody was where they shouldn’t be… desperate as the kids are to be involved and watch everything there are some moments that are not for their tender eyes……the “raining men” sequence is a particular highlight!!

We finally got to see the Cinderella costume transformation and the amazing work of Fay Kemal, Debbie Sandys and Ellie Goss is not to be missed.

We also had a visit from our lovely chairperson Ellie Ashby who has been busy working so has missed seeing the rehearsals up until now, she loved it and was chuckling along with the rest of us.

A huge big thankyou to my fellow Mums and chaperones, it is lovely being able to support each other as we watch out babies bloom on stage – a big thank you also to the creative team for getting the best out of the kids.

The matinees are almost sold out so please please get booking, this show is brilliant and you will not want to miss it.

Tickets are on sale and you can book online by clicking the banner below. To book wheelchair seats or for information about group bookings please contact the box office on 07708 708 062 or by email on Thank you!