The Cinderella Blog – Week 2

Hi all, welcome to the blog for another week. I’m Luke and I’m playing Dandini, the Prince’s ever so handsome and really really smart best friend.

This week we got stuck in to the acting as we blocked our way through act 1. This is always great as we, the cast, start to get to see what everyone else is doing with their characters for the first time. I can confidently say we have a magnificent cast! Even at this early stage you can see people are bringing some real fun to their characters and this should make the show a cracker!

Wednesday was our first dance rehearsal and Miss Fay soon had us whipped in to shape for one of our biggest numbers. This is one of the few that will have the whole cast on stage at the same time, and with 41 in the cast – we’re glad the stage at Chingford is so big!

Next week should bring more fun and games and we’re all looking forwards to it.

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