The Cinderella Blog – Week 3

Greeting fellow Pantonians and I hope to find you well. Things are getting down and dirty with rehearsals at various cricket clubs throughout the Enfield area.

Monday night found a few of the principles flung together to do a quick run through of act one and two as we have already set the whole show, incredible as it may seem. Usually our Panto is in January but our new home in Chingford means we can have Panto in December, so things really need to be got done.

Our beloved Cinderella played by that country and western belle Lucy is hard at it …. Errr, in fact I’m not sure if she is asleep so let’s quickly move on (picture 2) ahh! now we find my son, the mighty Prince Charming played by mister Jack… he is such a hard working performer ……. Oohh, he seems to be flexing his muscles and showing off…. oh those darn award winning actors!

Ahh, now all is calm, our beloved leader Sir Warren Mc is taking both Luke (our Buttons) and Lucy in hand and helping them with their directions I’m sure the Normandy Landings were easier to direct……

I mean making sure that a dozen dancing chorus members make it on stage on time must be a nightmare in comparison!

Sophie, our beloved Sophie… in what can only be described as Jane Austen-like-stance, oh where is her bonnet???? Say no more!

At last there is some action on the floor and no, not in that way, our great leader is making great …. eeerrr…… emmmm, directions and basically telling us what to do.

Such larks Pip!!!

So the frame work of the show is in place and on Wednesday we had the great Miss Fay in her leg warmers yelling dance step at us, step ball change is still ringing in my head!

With my great dancing ability, it was decided to bring me into the dance number, “SPICE UP YOUR LIFE” by the last 12 bars I’m devastated and gutted and totally relieved.

Well my lovely friends this is going to be yet another super show, tell all your friends and come and support us, we need you to be there smiling at us!

Tickets are on sale already and it’s never too early to book. You can book online by clicking the banner below. To book wheelchair seats please or for information about group bookings please contact the box office on 07708 708 062 or by email Thank you!