The Cinderella Blog – Week 4 & 5

Welcome dear readers of the Official SMP Cinderella Blog! I am pleased to say that we are now, at weeks 4 and 5, entering that really exciting part of the progress of any show where things really start to come together!

Our regular Musical Director, SMP stalwart, Mike ‘Keys of Steel’ Benyon, taught our entire cast the song which will be our finale this year, and I’m excited to say that it is very much a current hit, so was well known to all our younger cast, and even those encountering it for the first time can vouch for how undeniably catchy it truly is, and I for one have certainly heard it being played around now I know what to look out for!

What a rehearsal we had on Monday 23rd when every section of the cast from our brilliant child chorus, right up to old hands like me, learnt our respective parts of the spectacular finale dance, ably instructed by Choreographer Fay Kemal, and it certainly was a joy to see it all come together!

Fay Kemal and Ellie Goss, who manage our costumes, with the invaluable assistance of the extremely talented Debbie Sandys, have all been busy in the Aladdin’s cave that is our famous costume store, and dress fittings have already begun. More exciting news for our costume department, and indeed the company as a whole, came with the arrival of our new purpose fitted container unit, which touched down in it’s new home in Southgate last week, on complete this excellent new space should allow us better access to our collections than ever before, and several of the company have already been on hand to move much of our stock into its new home.

Special mention must go to Monday 16th which saw the creation of a dance routine that places our two dames, Chantelle and Jordan played the irrepressible Mr Terry Aylot and the renowned Mr Nicholas Johnston Quye, front and centre leading the male chorus in a spectacle that truly has to be seen to be believed, I won’t spoil the surprised save to say that you should get booking those tickets, you will not want to miss this!

Week 5 saw us set the dance for the Finale on the monday night with everyone involved it’s a great number and on the wednesday we ran the dialogue for the whole show and already its starting to look great and gives us the chance to add even more humour.

Tickets are on sale already and it’s never too early to book. You can book online by clicking the banner below. To book wheelchair seats please or for information about group bookings please contact the box office on 07708 708 062 or by email Thank you!