The Mermaid Blog – SMP take part in the LNYDP 2018

Greetings wonderful blog readers and sea creatures alike!

My name is Lucy and I am playing Mariel – strangely familiar name isn’t it 😛 – in SMP’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ this month! (Is it actually this month – eeeek!) I have to say that this role and this show have been an ABSOLUTE dream come true. I grew up watching The Little Mermaid on repeat, and to to this date it is my all time favourite Disney movie.

To be playing such a beloved character amongst an incredible team of cast & crew is an incredible honour, and simply MER-mazing!

This week we had an incredible opportunity and experience representing the Borough of Enfield in the London New Years Day Parade. This was SMP’s second time representing Enfield and my first time taking part.

The theme this year was ‘Circus Showtime’ and we decided (unsurprisingly) to go full throttle with our huge array of freaks and circus weirdo costumes.

We, never being one to miss a promotional opportunity, included a mermaid as the feature on our float of circus freaks, but also had a vast collection of other performers, including a bearded lady, a two-headed man, a fire acrobat and the extremely popular head-in-a-box. The costumes and character ideas were provided by the wonderful Fay, with lots of input and creativity from the performers themselves. If I do say so myself, we looked FIN-TASTIC, with such varied yet distinct-looking characters. Our float looked the part too thanks to the handy work of Matt McManus who’s artistic talent is matched only by his building prowess.

We had a phenomenal time throughout the parade, singing and dancing along to our chosen soundtrack (Madness – what else?), interacting with the audience along the parade route, and were even more chuffed to find out later in the day that we placed 9th in the competition! It really was a fabulous end to the best day, and I hope SMP are able to take part in the LNYDP for many years to come!

Here’s our performance for the judges.

Here’s the whole parade, You can find our performance onward from 02.30.00

Make sure you grab your tickets to come and join us under the sea during ‘The Little Mermaid’ this January – you are NOT going to be disappointed!!

You can book your tickets here: