The Mermaid Blog – The Dress Rehearsal

I am delighted to be playing Shell, one of Mariel’s mermaid sisters and have the absolute pleasure of sharing the details of the Dress Rehearsal…

For us mermaids, last night was the last chance to test the strength of our glue-gunned, sequinned and sparkly shell bras – and hope none of us mer-sisters experience a ‘Janet Jackson’ style wardrobe malfunction…

It was our final opportunity to ‘drill’ quick changes and perfect our ‘contortion-like’ manoeuvres to successfully remove and replace costuming whilst maintaining hair and make-up perfection!

The Dress Rehearsal was also the last chance to troubleshoot what we could, and be ready to react to any thrown lines, costumes or limbs coming your way… yes, the Intimate Theatre stage IS just that – intimate… and whilst we have had plenty of space in rehearsal, now we feel rather like sardines…

Fortunately, we have had a couple of costume runs before tonight, so any, ahem, kinks should be ironed out by now… and any final adjustments completed.

Costume ‘Scene Recovery plans’ are ready – in case, for whatever reason, said costuming should decide to abandon it’s wearer (this has been hats, wigs, and even skirts in previous shows…!)

You’ll be pleased to hear that the dress run was a great success & seeing the set, costumes, lighting and overall creative vision of our awesome production team finally come to life was absolutely magical!

I can’t believe this is Mike Lacey’s directorial debut! He has produced an absolute corker of a show – packed with musical magic from the awesome Mr Mike Benyon, and spectacular dances from our fabulous fire cracker of a choreographer Jo Bakhurst

Together, they’ve added some serious sass and sparkle to this magical ‘tail’… So, what are you waiting for? Come and join SMP under the sea! Xx

You can book your tickets here, if you want to come to one of our 2.30pm matinees please book now as tickets are limited for those performances: