The Mermaid Blog – The Tech Run

Today was our Technical Rehearsal, an extremely significant milestone in any SMP show!

This is the chance our excellent technical team have to really get their hands on the production. It is the chance to make sure that everything is able to run to our often elaborate plans.

By the time our cast arrived in the evening the Stage Manager Alex, Lighting Designer Matt, Sound Engineer Phil and their teams, have spent the entire day in the theatre perfecting their setup – plotting lights, testing levels, planning set changes and running a lot of cables!

Once all the cast have made it to the theatre, watch out for the roadworks on Green Lanes, we set about running the show, but stopping, starting and occasionally skipping were necessary to allow the crew the opportunity to ensure that everything works once the timings, movements and voices of the cast are factored in.

There were several impressive effects that took a concerted effort from everyone present and made full use of the considerable talents available!

We won’t give anything away, you’ll have to be in the audience to see what takes place – have you booked your seats yet?!

All in all a demanding and intense day, but we still found a chance for a few laughs along the way, and we’re extremely proud of we have all achieved together for this amazing show!

You can book your tickets here, if you want to come to one of our 2.30pm matinees please book now as tickets are limited for those performances: