The Mermaid Blog – Week 1 (Read through, auditions, & first rehearsal)

And so that’s it.. the show has officially been cast! After a fantastically high standard of auditions on the 10th and 11th of September, SMP’s “The Little Mermaid – Panto 2018” is well under way!!

Monday night was the night everyone had been waiting for.. “The Phone Calls” – after the last audition has been completed, many of the “potential” cast gather at the local pub to await their fate.. I mean Phone call! This has become somewhat of a tradition within SMP, everyone supporting each other and being so excited to find out who got what part.

First rehearsal on Wednesday went off with a bang! Full of fun and crazy antics! The cast were introduced to each other through a set of “Ice Breaker” games, where we had a “Mermaid-Off” catwalk!! The cast were given a few bin bags and a roll of tape, then challenged to dress a nominated person up as a mermaid.

Then we had our first cast read-through of the fantastic script which has been written by Warren McWilliams. I have to say, this is quite possibly the best script I have had the pleasure of being apart of since being with SMP, and what a script it is for my first “Directorial Debut” it’s full of witty one liners and great comical shenanigans!!

I can’t wait to really get into full on rehearsal mode, with the cast we have being so packed full of talent, you sure are all in for a FINtastic show!! Be sure to book your tickets now to avoid disappointment!!


Tickets for the show are now available to book online click the image below or you can call 07708 708 062  or email