The Mermaid Blog – Week 11

Hello Merfolk my name is Debbie and I am playing the part of Briny one of the mermaid sisters!

This week we were swept along on the currents of the stormy ocean with rehearsal venues being changed but in true SMP spirit we pull together and make the best of a challenge.

On Monday we set the end of act 1 and what a thrill that’s going to be. A mash up of two wonderful songs and the choreography of our master Jo B!

On Wednesday we ran the show and our master Mike B worked with our funny duo Deborah Marsh who is playing Dr Love and Francois Vanhoutte to create a fantastic song that is going to steal the show! We also had our lovely costume mistresses Fay and Ellie organising us.

Finally we got to run the show on Sunday which surprised us all with how well it went!

We really do have a fantastic show on our hands and that’s with all thanks to our production team who have all worked so hard to get us to this point.

You really won’t want to miss our Under-the-Sea extravaganza; book those tickets now. You won’t be disappointed.