The Mermaid Blog – Week 12

Fireworks, fairy lights, floats, full runs and falafel – what a week! So as November turns into December, and Christmas draws ever nearer, we’ve started getting to the stage where all the individual songs and dances and scenes that we’ve been learning for the last few months start getting joined together. This Wednesday was our second run of the show, and it’s all coming together swimmingly 🙂

The start of December also signals one of our most favourite times of year – The Parade of Light! This Sunday, the merfolk gathered at the Civic Centre car park, and the annual glittering, tinselling and wrapping ourselves in fairy lights began. Our float this year was made by Matt McManus, designer extraordinaire of last year’s incredible Urinetown set, so we knew we were in for a treat. We’d seen a couple of pictures in the lead up to the day, but couldn’t wait to see it for real. As expected, it was beyond amazing!

Joining the parade were also some new fishy friends in the form of Wendy’s marvellous creations.

So off we set, dancing and jellyfish waving and fish swimming and generally having the most amazingly fun time. We arrived back at the end of the route just as fireworks started filling the sky – finishing the parade off perfectly 🙂

The evening culminated with serious amounts of Turkish food, wrapping up a pretty awesome week.