The Mermaid Blog – Week 13

Hello ha fishy friends! This week’s blog is coming from I, the feistiest mer-fish under the sea and one of the mermaid sisters…Storm!

We are one Sunday run through down – and we’ve been preparing this week for our second Sunday run and…DUN DUN DUN…first dress rehearsal! Eeeek!

The week got off to a swimmingly good start with a dance re-cap rehearsal – cleaning up all our numbers and by golly are you in for a treat! Our fabulous choreographer Jo Bakhurst has had us ‘hip to the hoppin’ and attempting subtle lockin’ and it is ‘SHOCKIN-LY’ good! Haha! I’m feeling super pumped about the dance numbers – don’t wanna give too much away but I’m a bit gaga over one number in particular!

Wednesday saw us singing our hearts out with the fabulous Mike Benyon, going through all the songs and nailing our pretty challenging harmonies but when we all come together singing in harmony we are one heck of a force! Talking of forces our fantastic Kate who plays Octavia – is a force to be reckoned with – her stunning powerhouse vocals soared on Wednesday in her fantastic rendition of Unfortunate Souls/Spell on you! This number is guaranteed to impress and one I’m really excited about!

Just to top off our rehearsal we all got a cheeky preview of a juicy medley performed by the hilarious pair Dr Love and Pedro, played by the fabulous Deborah and Francois – these two will have you giddy in your seat with their hilarious duet featuring some of the biggest hits from this year.

With an unexpected blast of snow – which us fish folk aren’t so used to – we sadly had to postpone our Sunday rehearsal however nothing can stand in our way in the week ahead as ‘the SNOW must go on.’ I’m sure everyone was happy for the rest, we’ve all been working super hard and need all the energy we can muster as we will be back at it again, shoveling through on Monday!

Have a fantabulously good week folks – enjoy the snow and I look forward to seeing you for our under the sea quest in January – get booking your tickets now to get good seats!

You won’t regret it! – Storm ;D

You can book your tickets here now.