The Mermaid Blog – Week 3

Good to SEA ya, fellow mer-beings Thank you so much for checking out our fin–tastic blog.

My name is Jo (or sometimes peach, or cherub, or just whatever you fancy) and I have the absolute pleasure of playing the role of “Aqua”, one of Mariels six sassy sisters. She’s a bit of stickler for rules, is our Aqua, studious too, and maybe a touch bossy, but she totally means well. She is much fun to play, and it was great to get a first go in our Monday rehearsal, whoop.

As usual for Monday’s we were rehearsing at The Intimate, and while our super choreographer, JoBOne, was teaching another sublime routine, this time for our baddies and the unfortunate souls to the sound of a cracking “Adele “ number, the rest of us were dusting off our scripts with our fab director Michael (it’s his directorial debut, you know, and he’s smashing it already) We managed to block all of Act One and us sisters got a few goes at our scenes with Mariel too…there were LOTS of giggles and banter with all seven of us together 🙂

On Wednesday we were back in the very capable hands of Mr Mike “keys of steel” Benyon, where we enjoyed belting out one of our upbeat finale songs (no spoilers) and revised our carnival inspired opening number too.

Copious amounts of tea and treats from our “Little Mermaid Tuck Shop” kept us all going through a tremendously productive and fun week under the sea.

Hope you cab join us for a crabtastic time in January. You’ll not want to miss this opporTUNAty…or all the bad fish jokes 🙂

Until then, Merfolk, big love and mer-kisses to you Xxxxx

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