The Mermaid Blog – Week 4


Luke here, aka Corky a splendidly dense minion shark!

Another fun week of rehearsals here in SMP’s production of The Little Mermaid. Monday saw us recapping the dance numbers already learned and then setting the dance to our finale song. Without giving it away, it’s an absolute banger of a track and the routine matches it! Jo B (our wonderful choreographer) again smashed it and put us through our paces with another inspired routine.

Wednesday saw us getting our sing on. Legendary musical director Mike Benyon banged out 3 numbers in one night! We set a fantastic ‘baddie’ song, a beautiful heartbreaking solo for our Mermaid in Chief (the fabulous Lucy Sardinha), and then an absolute stormer of a song for the Prince (Jack McGinn). The Prince’s number was a particular highlight for me, it’s one of my favourite songs – a proper rock ballad and we got to be the backing choir enjoying some amazing harmonies and a little bit of air grabbing. I won’t spoil what the song is, but trust me – it’s an absolute scorcher and I can’t wait to see and hear it when it all comes together!

Also on Wednesday, the fabulous Debbie Wall gave us her ultimate Disney quiz. While I love a good quiz, I think some of our group were a little more suited and were crushed to learn they got one answer wrong!

Much fun had by all here at SMP HQ this week and this show is already shaping up rather nicely to be a cracker. Tickets are on sale now, so jump on the website and book yours now! Trust me, it’s going to be Fin-tastic!!!

Tickets are on sale now, click below to book.