The Mermaid Blog – Week 6


I am Crusty, the super intelligent villainous side kick of Octavia! I am using big words like villainous in an effort to make myself sound more photosynthesis – you know like clever and that!

We have had a marvellous time in rehearsal this week learning lots of songs and dances to dazzle you with!

Monday saw the Pirates take the stage and learn their Aaarghsome routine. The mermaids also did a fishy dance or two and they were superb! Myself and my fellow evil sidekick Corky got to work through some of our scenes and sing our hearts out! We hope our Bossneship Octavia will be proud of us!

This is a marvellous rib tickling production from Warren McWilliams and we are loving the creative decisions from our Director Michael Lacey, Choreographer Jo Bakhurst and Musical Director Mike Benyon!

What’s that Corky? No I’m not placing a pizza order… no, I can’t I’m writing a blog… what? Octavia? Ahhh! Crusty over and out! See you at the show!

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