The Mermaid Blog – Week 9

Greetings humans! This week’s blog comes from your very own sea princess- Coral. I’m Mariel’s (ditzy) sister and proud daughter of King Triton- Lord of the Seas.

This week’s rehearsal saw the return of our glorious costumiers Ellie and Fay, who came armed with sequins and ball-gowns, ready to robe us under-the-sea royalty. There was great excitement as us mermaids prepared to decorate our shell-bras. With glitz and sea-shells a plenty and under careful supervision, us ‘mers’ went home with bags of pearls and trinkets. If I don’t make it to the shows in January- presume I’ve glued myself to something whilst operating a glue-gun.

As show week creeps ever closer, our headquarters were a hive of activity on Wednesday. We almost lifted the roof off with our rendition of Poor Unfortunate Souls. Kate makes a formidable Octavia- I certainly wouldn’t want to be in Mariel’s shoes! Mike put our vocals to the test with some thrilling harmonies and our Mash-Up with the crowd pleasing ‘I’ll put a Spell on You’ is sure to impress.

As per usual, Debbie kept us going with her resident tuck-shop. I don’t know what I’d do without that ‘tea’ break sugar rush.

You really won’t want to miss our Under-the-Sea extravaganza; book those tickets now. You won’t be disappointed.