The Much Ado Blog – Opening Night

‘Twas opening night, and all through the park, no bird was a chirping; not even a lark.. The Shakespeare Sisters had set up their camp, and later George Secole will carry the lamp..

You’ve got Hero, Beatrice, Antonio and the hostess- I’ve got to hand it to her, she really is the most-ess. Then Don Pedro arrived with all of his crew, so began the performance of ‘Much Ado’.

We walked, we danced and we put on a show, as this promenade performance was a SMP first dontcha know… I’m not great at this rhyming thing, I should really stop – so here’s the rest of my blog post, hope it’s not a flop…..

Last night was opening night at the beautiful Bury Lodge Gardens and I cannot was express through words how much of a success it was. No one fell in the pond(which if I say so myself is an achievement, I’m pretty sure everyone I have coming have created a secret bet of when I will inevitably go for a swim between the Lily pads), the weather was glorious and much ado was had.

This being my second show with SP, I was eager to get back into the rehearsal room with the lovelies I met during panto and some faces I’ve never seen before to really bring this SMP first to life! Running around the park is a pastime I know most people enjoy, but imagine doing it with a cracking storyline, a beautiful sea of pastels, ace directing and dancing that would make anyone shimmy along to the music .. that smile you have plastered on your face? That warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach.. well that’s it, times it by like 1000 and that’s how it feels doing this show for an audience for the first time after months of rehearsal.

One of the highlights from last, included Lewis reading the order of service during the wedding for the first time and trying his best to not corpse.

Anyway – I thought It’d be a little fun to get a couple of the casts favourite lines or just how they felt opening night and went since I can’t instagram live this like a red carpet Q&A.. so here goes ….

  • Lewis: “no comment”
  • Sophie: “It was great. I wish I could start every show with a glass of wine”
  • Rubia: ‘… the world must be peopled’
  • Warren: ‘..die to live..’
  • However my personal favourite has to be this heartwarming tale from newbie Helen: “Tonight I saw my mum in a park she used to take me too as a child at least once a week. She’s 85, the look in her eyes as she waved wildly to me across the pond, made her appear 50 years younger. Thank you SMP”.

Well that’s all from me. We still have three shows left this week, but I know that Saturday is limited to the last units so get booking ASAP otherwise you may miss this amazing show; and the chance to possibly see me go diving… (id get in on those odds…)

And of course , just an extra little thanks to everyone involved in the crew, creatives, bar and ticketing because without you the show couldn’t go up!

Tickets are limited for each performance so please book to avoid missing out on a unique show. Our Saturday night performance is SOLD OUT – we still have tickets available for our remaining two performances and tickets will be available on the door. If you still want to come on Saturday please contact the box office on 07708 708 062 or email to check for returns availability. You can order your tickets by clicking the banner below.